Wall Damage Repair – Toowoomba

A job we undertake regularly is Plasterboard (Gyprock) wall-damage repairs. Anything from a few scratches or chips to large holes and water damaged sections of wall.

In most case we are able to return the wall to a better condition then before the wall damage.  

This particular job involved; removing sections of water damaged plasterboard, fixing inner wall bracing to which new sections of plasterboard were attached and plastering over.

Once the plastering process was complete the area was prepared for painting and painted with three coats of paint.

In this case the customer wanted the entire wall repainted, which is advisable at times, however we are also well practised at touch-up painting.

The following pictures show stages of the process from start to finish. See if you can identify the location of the damage following our repair process.

The Repair Process

Cavity wall damage cut away

Cavity wall damage cut away

Water damaged sections removed

Inner wall bracing fitted

Inner wall bracing fitted

Wall with new sections plaster board fitted

Following the Wall Repair Process

Wall after plasterboard repair procces and painting