Picture Hanging – Highfields QLD

A regular Highfields customer recently requested help with hanging a few pictures in their home. This job is an opportunity to share some shots of the work, a tip to picture hanging and a common occurrence.

You may be wander what is the common occurrence. Simply, and as is often the case when on a job, a few other odd jobs or home repairs are requested. In this case I was able to help with the repair of some furniture and fitting a door stopper.

Picture hanging tip. As you can see, in the pictures posted, 3 pictures have been hung with equal space between them. To achieve this one must take the frame width into consideration when calculating hanging points to ensure equal spacing of pictures across a wall expanse. Eg. if the wall expanse is 3000mm and the width of each picture is 300mm. What distances from the wall edge should each of the hook be located? If your answer is at 500mm, 1500mm and 2500mm you are wrong. The correct locations of each hook should be at 675mm, 1500mm and 2325mm.

I trust you find this picture hanging tip useful.

Picture Hanging

Picture hanging, at the correct height and equally spaced across the wall expanse